I’m the sort of person who always has a book stashed away in her bag, is immediately on her phone looking up information if you happen to ask a question, and loves to teach herself new technology just for the fun of learning it. It may not come as a surprise that I’ve scurried down the library path as an MLIS student at St. Catherine University in Saint Paul, MN.

My professional areas of interest include reference for public and academic libraries, literacy, web design, website accessibility and usability, the intersection of technology and social justice issues, and promoting books, reading, and lifelong learning in all forms!

Outside of the library world, I enjoy reading, running, cooking, exploring the Twin Cities, listening to MPR, getting absolutely lost on the web, and catching up with friends and family. I blog about books under the owl-pseudonym Madeleine on Owl You Need is a Good Read.

I plan on blogging mainly about books, libraries, technology, and whatever I happen to be learning about in school, but who knows what else might creep in. I love a good discussion, so please feel free to comment on my posts or ask me any questions.


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