Thing #2: Mobile Device Tips

Thing #2 is all about exploring your device and finding tips and tricks to make using it easier.

When iOS 7 was released, my absolute favorite new feature was the control center, which allows you to access your settings by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. What is even more useful is being able to pull control panel up from my lock screen, letting me access basic settings, the flashlight, my camera, my alarm, and control the music currently playing without having to enter my code.

For work, I often use the camera. Having it available from the lock screen and being able to toggle wi-fi and Bluetooth on and off is very helpful.

Screenshot iPhone control panel
The beloved new control panel on my phone

I’m pretty familiar with iOS 7, so I searched around for some more obscure tips. Here’s a few tips I found:

  • You can just tap the space bar twice at the end of a sentence instead of typing a period and then a space (from Buzzfeed, no cat gifs included!)
  • You can swipe left to right to get rid of annoying banner notifications more quickly (also from Buzzfeed)
  • I have a bad habit of letting the battery run out on my iPad and not realizing it until I need it. Next time, I’ll have to try some of the tips from this video the Metronet twitter recently shared. They are talking about phones, but I imagine putting the iPad in airplane mode and completely shutting it down would have the same effect on the iPad.



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