Thing #5: Notetaking

23 Mobile Things highlighted a few of the many notetaking apps available for Thing #5.


screenshot of notebooks in springshare app

Springpad seems ideal for those who love to make lists of things or collaborate on projects. One major benefit is that Springpad brings in content from the rest of the web. So if you add a book to your reading list, it automatically adds summary information and ratings from Amazon. I was particularly impressed by the movie notebook. You can add movies you’ve seen/want to see, and which of those movies are in theaters near you or are available on Netflix. If you add recipes, you can use Springpad to create shopping lists based on selected recipes. You can also create a task list and group space for collaborative projects.

Bamboo Paper

screenshot of Bamboo Paper app

While Springpad is an app for list-lovers, Bamboo Paper is an app for the more creative notetakers among us. You can set up left-handed or right-handed notebooks. Bamboo Paper is a handwriting/sketching app. I’ve never seen my digital handwriting look as good or as smooth as it does on Bamboo Paper. You can also draw on photos, and share your final product with various social media accounts, Evernote, or DropBox.

Remember the Milk

screenshot of Remember the Milk task list

love a good to-do list. A lot like Wunderlist, Remember the Milk is a popular option for making a to-do list online. It syncs across multiple devices. You can create tasks, set their priority, set a due date, postpone them (dangerous!), and categorize them. Digital to-do lists don’t work for me. Believe me, I’ve tried many times. I need to write out my lists. But, if you don’t have the same list-making neuroses as me, Remember the Milk is a great app!


screenshot of Moleskine app

A co-worker recommended Moleskine as her go-to notetaking app. I love to drool over Moleskine journals whenever I find them in stores, but I never buy them because they’re a bit expensive. A free digital version is the next best thing! The pages look exactly like their journals, and you have an option of typing or handwriting notes.


screenshot of Evernote app

Ah, Evernote. Evernote is my favorite notetaking app. You can type in your own notes or add photos, scanned documents, pdfs, links, etc. They have a Web Clipper extension so you can quickly grab screenshots or the text from the web and add it to your notebooks. Evernote uses OCR (Optimal Character Recognition) to search the text in your photos. (Disclaimer: I haven’t tested this yet.) I’m experimenting with it this semester as a way to store and organize all my pdfs, lecture notes, powerpoint slides, and research for my grad school classes.


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