Thing #6: Creating & Editing Docs

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the instructions for Thing #6 and found out I’ve already been doing the work for this Thing! I’ve been experimenting with two of these apps quite a bit on my own–CloudOn and Quickoffice.

In my stacks work, I commonly end up with printed excel spreadsheets of books, usually that I’m searching for. In the past, I’ve turned these spreadsheets into a Google Drive sheet and brought my iPad into the stacks to save paper. Now that our ILS is cloud-based, it makes even more sense. Not only can I save paper, but I can fix minor problems from the stacks!

The challenges:

  1. Wi-Fi. Our building is very large (six floors), and there are many areas where the Wi-Fi is spotty or completely non-existent. That means there are areas where I could no longer edit my spreadsheet on Google Drive without having to wander around until I reconnected.
  2. To simplify things, I wanted something that would allow me to directly edit Excel spreadsheets, instead of converting back and forth.


screen shot of cloud on app menu

Sample Excel spreadsheet inside CloudOn

CloudOn was the first app I discovered. I initially really liked it, until I realized that whenever I lost Wi-Fi, I still couldn’t edit or view my documents. I liked the interface and how it works though.

  • Pros: Easy-to-use. Looks very similar to Microsoft Office software I’m used to on my computer (see the screenshot above). Works with cloud storage services outside of Google Drive, including DropBox, SkyDrive, etc.)
  • Cons: Unable to work offline, even as view-only. Sometimes, if I lost my connection, I had to backtrack and reopen my documents.


screen shot of quickoffice app menus

Sample Excel spreadsheet in Quickoffice

Quickoffice is a Google app. It connects directly with your Google Drive account and allows you to edit Microsoft Office documents offline. If you are used to using Google apps, it will look and feel very familiar, but the layout and editing features look less like the Microsoft Office Suite.

  • Pros: Easy-to-use. Integrates well with Google Drive. Allows you to edit documents offline and then save them once you are connected.
  • Cons: Only works with Google Drive.

I’m going to stick with Quickoffice for now, but both CloudOn and Quickoffice are great options for editing documents stored in the cloud.


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