Thing 12.5: Poetry Apps

Happy Poetry Month! As I was finishing up Thing 12, I remembered a couple of poetry-related apps I had heard about or used, and decided I should share my two favorites in a Thing 12.5 post!

Poems by Heart

Another 23 Mobile Things MN participant, Heather Wambach recommended the Poems by Heart app. I tried it out, and it’s a LOT of fun. It’s a poem memorization game from Penguin. You choose a poem and listen to it. Then it takes the poem line by line, and you have to choose the correct words from a list to fill in blanks in the poem. Each round it removes different words and gets harder and harder.

Screenshot of poems by heart app

You start off with four poems for free. Sadly, then you have to pay for poems individuals or bundled together in “volumes.”


I discovered this poetry app last year, and I love playing around with it when I am bored. This app is essentially a poetry slot machine. You open it up and press “Spin” and cross your fingers while you wait anxiously to find out what kind of poems you will get.

opening screen of poetry app with single button that says "spin"

There are two wheels that spin. The top one corresponds to a mood (e.g., joy, disappointment, doubt, nostalgia, etc.) and the bottom one to a subject (e.g., family, love, nature, etc.). The spinner lands on a mood and a subject, and you get a list of free poems that match these categories.

In the POETRY app, a screenshot of my first results - Humor & Life

results of poems in Doubt & Youth category on POETRY app

If you don’t like your results, you can spin again to get another combination, or adjust the wheels yourself to choose a own combination.

Final Notes

Time isn’t up! Poetry Month isn’t over yet. Plus, these apps are around all year. And even if these two apps aren’t your cup of tea, then perhaps this playlist of British men reading poetry (think Tom Hiddleston, Alan Rickman, Benedict Cumberbatch, etc.) is.


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