Thing 15: Infographics

I love infographics, which is what we’re playing with in Thing 15. If designed well and supported with accurate information, I think they are an incredible tool to share and explain information.

I tried and Infographics Hub for this Thing. Sadly, I wasn’t impressed with either of them.

screenshot of app

I started with, which only seemed to have a small selection of infographics. However, my main complaint with was that it seemed very buggy. The first three times I opened it up, it froze. I finally got it working, but there was a long lag between me trying to do anything and the app responding. I thought maybe it was my iPad or the Wi-Fi (which isn’t the strongest at my desk). That could have been part of it. However, other apps were working just fine.

I found this one much too frustrating to use for it to actually be helpful.

Infographics Hub

screenshot of infographics hub app

On a functional level, Infographics Hub worked much better. It had more infographics and categories. In addition to pulling up infographics, it included data about them (source and summary). However, the search function didn’t bring me up any results on multiple keywords, which means either the search doesn’t work very well or there isn’t an extremely large number of infographics connected with this app. If I needed a infographic-finding app, though, I would choose Infographics Hub or

Making Infographics

At the Library Technology Conference in March, I attended a fun session on making infographics. The presenter, Dani Breecher, put together a very useful guide on making infographics. The resources are mainly web apps, not mobile apps. I thought the guide was really helpful. In the class, we had some time to try making our own, so here’s my sample made from the only data I had access to: my 2013 reading stats.

an infographic of what I read in 2013. I read 37 fewer books than 2012, 72% of my books came from the library, and the genre I read the most from was sci-fi/fantasy - 19 books


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