Thing 17: Connecting to Community

For Thing 17,we’re looking at apps specific to our community. For this thing, I decided to revisit the MPR app and the MN Museums app. Since spring and practically summer is finally here, I wanted to try the Explore Minnesota app, but their Google API has been disabled, so it’s not currently working.

MPR Radio

screen capture of MPR news app, with article about local restaurants to visit in the summer on the screen

I love MPR, so I already had the MPR Radio app on my phone, but I downloaded the iPad version to try. The iPad version has many more features. You can skim over the most recent stories, listen to them, or save them to listen to later.

screenshot of streaming options on MPR News iphone app

On both versions, you can stream MPR live as well. On the iPhone version, you can mainly just stream the various MPR stations live. However, there was an alarm feature I had never noticed before. I meant to try it out last night, but forgot. I’d much rather wake up to MPR first on my phone instead of the random Apple ringtones.

This is a great app for anyone interested in regional news, classical music, or The Current fans (really, MPR fans in general). It’s a straightforward app that many will be able to figure out without too much effort.

MN Museums

screenshot of map of Minneapolis museums in MN Museums app

Since I couldn’t use the Explore Minnesota app to find and plan outdoor adventures, I decided to virtually explore museums instead. This app was created by the Minnesota Association of Museums, and places more than 500 museums throughout Minnesota on a map. The app uses your location to show you which museums are nearby, or you can search by city or zip code.

This app was iPhone-only, so it looked a bit weird on my iPad. However, it worked well. It would be especially fun to use if you were visiting a new part of Minnesota. This seems especially useful for families, staycation-ers, or people visiting from out-of-town-or-state.


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