Thing 13: Presentations

Next up is Thing 13: presentations.

Haiku Deck


first slide of "Why should I visit my library?" slide deck. Links out to full presentation
Click on the image above to see my slide deck.

Haiku Deck is really easy to use and creates presentations that are much more eye catching than something like PowerPoint. If you want to choose a photo for the background image of a slide, Haiku Deck searches for Creative Commons images for you to use right within the app.

However, you only have limited control over how things look. When I tried to use Haiku Deck for a class presentation, the end product looked great. However, I had a professor who was very attuned to the nuances of APA-style citations. Haiku Deck wouldn’t let us italicize text or format the text so it looked like a proper references list. I also had a group member who needed to add an image and change the size within the slide, which she couldn’t do.

So, if you need a lot of control over the final product, Haiku Deck isn’t for you. But, if you need to create a simple, visually-appealing presentation (for a TED Talk style presentation), definitely check out Haiku Deck. I think they’d be great if you were giving some sort of library advocacy presentation!


Educreations is a very different type of presentation app. You get a white board (or multiple whiteboards) and use your finger or a stylus to record a presentation/video. You can record your voice while you work, and add photos or images.

Educreations was very easy and fun to use. While Haiku Deck would be great for professional presentations outside the library, Educreations would be a great tool to use in library instruction or to explain a concept via digital reference. As an example, I did a quick presentation on Boolean using venn diagrams. I highly recommend this one.


One thought on “Thing 13: Presentations

  1. Hi Kaia-
    Thanks so much for writing about Haiku Deck, and for the great feedback! We’ll keep those in mind for future updates! Can’t wait to see what you create next…

    Lisa Ma
    Haiku Deck Customer Evangelist

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