Thing 14: Videos

Moving backward forward to Thing 14, which is all about video. I am personally not as big of a consumer of online video compared with others, but I know it is a major way to communicate and share content online. I think all of the tools mentioned in Thing 14 can be very powerful tools to use in a library setting.


I chose to try out Vine, an app I’ve  heard about quite a bit and seen a lot of, but never actually used to create content. Vine was very easy to use. You start a new video and hold your finger on the screen whenever you want to record. You only have 6 seconds, so it makes you think even harder about your content than Twitter’s 140 character limit. Vine is good for capturing a short “story” or the highlights of an event. Vine works very closely with Twitter, so Vine seems like a great resources for any libraries that have built up a presence on Twitter already. I don’t know how well it would work for libraries to start with Vine without any sort of existing online presence.

Oh, and here’s is my Vine, theoretically showing “new books” in a library which are actually just books I had on hand for my readers’ advisory course.

The 23 Mobile Things instructions for Vine shared this article, 15 Cool Ways Libraries Can Use Vine to Create Social Videos. In the case of the academic library I work in, I think using Vine to showcase new books or new popular reading books, a mini library tour (or multiple–our library is bit), introduce librarians, and mini library instructional videos all seem like great ways we could use Vine.

One question I do have about Vine (or the other video apps) is how accessible are they? If a library is going to share a lot of content via video (or other multimedia), it seems like they would also want to steps they can take to make their videos more accessible or providing the content in alternate formats.


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