Thing 19: Hobbies

Thing 19 explores apps that are all about hobbies! Again, I wanted to try them all, but narrowed it down to four.


screenshot of the plants in a balcony garden created using MyGarden

MyGarden is a very basic app for gardeners. You can look up basic information about plants, connect with other gardeners, get reminded about to-dos according to the season, and add plants to a “My plants” for future reference and reminders.

This app was not as robust as it could have been. I had several items I looked up in my garden that had essentially no information about them. I was hoping for more detailed information about when to harvest, how to plant, identifying common problems or diseases, etc. Some plants had more information and some had less. As a reference tool, MyGarden’s use is fairly limited. However, this would be a great app for patrons who garden to try out. Hopefully more information on plants will be added in the future.


screenshot of upcoming food stops at an interstate exit on RoadNinja app

You’re on a road trip. The person you’re traveling with is getting hungry, but didn’t like any of the food options at the last exit. Or maybe you’re eyeing the gas gauge and wondering where the nearest gas station is. RoadNinja uses your current location to show you which exits are ahead and what food, gas, lodging, shopping, etc., options are available.

This app was easy to use. I’d recommend it for any patrons who have any sort of traveling to do (as long as they have a passenger to run the app).


For some reason, I didn’t try Spotify until about a month ago when I noticed it was ahead on the list of apps to try and I was looking for a new way to listen to music while working on a longer spreadsheet project at work. Spotify is a great app that lets you look up songs or albums and stream the songs. There are ads you get to listen to every few songs (unless you pay for the premium version), but I found them relatively unobtrusive, especially compared with recent ads I’ve seen on streaming tv.

You can also put together playlists, or listen to other playlists people have created. The 23 Things description for this app instructed us to create a playlist for our library. As a student, I often studied to soundtrack music because it was interesting but didn’t have words to distract me (I would start typing the lyrics into my paper otherwise). So, even though it’s too late to use this year, I put together a playlist of high energy, “epic” songs from popular movie soundtracks that our students could use for studying.

It would be a lot of fun to crowdsource a playlist and get recommendations from students as well.

Zombies, Run!

screenshot of base camp map on Zombies, Run! app/gameZombies, Run! wasn’t on the list of apps, but it’s an app I enjoy. If you are a runner, or are looking for some inspiration to become a runner, Zombies, Run! gamifies running. You become Runner 5, and your job is to run outside Abel Township and collect supplies while avoiding zombie hoards. As you run, you progress the story, collect items, and listen to your own music.

It’s a lot of fun. They also have a version that works with the Couch-to-5K programs if you are just starting running.

Sadly, this app is not free. It usually costs about $8, and each additional season also costs money. I haven’t finished season 1 yet, but I did find it on sale. Something to keep your eye out for!



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