Thing 20: Games

Thing 20 is about games! Oddly, I haven’t played a lot of games on my mobile devices. There were a few games (Draw Something and Words with Friends stand out) where I went through a phase of playing them all the time for a few weeks before abandoning them. For this Thing, it was fun to try out a few games that I’ve heard a lot about but never played.

Temple Run

screenshot of Temple Run game


Temple Run is tricky! This is definitely an app for people who are very comfortable with their devices. It moves very quickly. Your character runs out of a temple, chased by monkeys. You don’t control the speed you run and  have to swipe the screen to turn corners, jump over tree roots or gaps, or to slide under things. You also tilt your device to alter where you are running on the path to collect coins or avoid gaps where part of the path has fallen away.

Personally, I was really horrible at it. I think the farthest I got was 500m. I do not have a future as the next Indiana Jones.

I can see where the game would be addicting. This would be great for those who like fast-paced, action games.

Candy Crush Saga

screenshot of Candy Crush game


I feel like Candy Crush Saga is a quintessential smartphone game. I hear about it everywhere, even if I’ve never played it. Essentially, you have to switch around two pieces of candy to put three of the same kind in a row. Then, those three are eliminated, along with any other sets of three that are made as a result. In the little bit I played, they started introducing other tricks, so I’m sure the game gets trickier and adds more features as you move along.

Because it isn’t based on speed or lots of different types of swiping, this is a great game for beginners or people who like puzzles or games that make you think strategically.


screenshot of QuizUp game: Harry Potter Quotations Quiz


QuizUp doesn’t come from the 23 Things list, but from my sister. They call themselves the largest trivia game in the world. You choose from over 400 topics (Harry Potter Quotations, Name the Pop Star, Indian Geography, Winter Olympics, etc.). You can challenge someone you know to play in real time or not, or you can be paired up instantly with someone you don’t know from around the world. I was playing Lord of the Rings trivia live with my sister who is currently in the Netherlands–yay, technology!

Each game is very short, less than 10 questions. If you replay a category, you get new questions. You get points based on whether or not you answer correctly combined with how quickly you answer.

If you know a trivia buff in your library, you might want to recommend this one to them.

Two Dots

screen capture of Two Dots app/gameI mentioned earlier that I rarely get hooked on a game, but right now is one of those rare times. Two Dots is a recently released sequel to a game I’ve never played: Dots. You have dots of different colors that you have to connect with right angles. Once they are connected, they are eliminated from the screen. If you make a square/rectangle of the same color, it eliminates all of the dots of that color on the screen. In each level, you have a goal of items to collect (or anchors to sink) in a set number of moves.

Hint: the key to the game is to make as many squares as you can.

In addition to being fun to play, I find Two Dots to be very visually appealing. Just look at their adorable website to see what I mean. Again, Two Dots would be good for those who like puzzle/strategy games.


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