Thing 23: Evaluate 23 Mobile Things

It’s hard to believe that 23 Mobile Things is done already. I’ve really enjoyed working through the different Things, as well as reading others’ posts as a coach.

I went back and read my initial goals for the program:

I’m hoping to discover additional ways I can use the iPad in my work and gain a better understanding of the variety of apps out there. There are certain types of apps I know a lot about and use all the time, and others that I haven’t explored as much. In addition to being a participant, I’m also a coach, so I’m hoping to learn from others going through the program as well!

I felt like I did learn a lot more about apps and mobile devices. While I was already comfortable using my device, there were some areas (e.g., photo, video, local apps) that I hadn’t explored as much. Having a reason to jump in and try apps was useful. In some cases, I knew about an app and maybe even had it downloaded it, but hadn’t taken the time to try it out (Hootsuite, Spotify, Duolingo, Instagram, Vine). In other cases, I had never even heard of the service (QuickOffice, Educreations, Socrative). And finally, there were several times, I mentioned that I couldn’t see a use for an app (audioboo is the app that comes to mind), only later to be presented with an opportunity where the app was a perfect fit.

I did get to connect with others during the 23 Mobile Things, both with a co-worker who was also doing the program, and because I was also a coach. I enjoyed reading other participants reflections on each Thing. In fact, I learned just as much from others as I did from my own explorations and the 23 Mobile Things website. If the program is offered again, I’d love to see ways to make the program more social–either with established ways to discuss progress with others (twitter chats, Facebook, forums, ning, etc.) or some sort of opt-in small group model where you’re in a group of participants and encouraged to keep up and comment on their progress.

Thanks for the great program, 23 Mobile Things.


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