Trouble Brewing in Otherworldly Michigan

cover of the Dark Currents audiobook by Jacqueline CareyDark Currents

by Jacqueline Carey
narrated by Johanna Parker
Roc Hardcover, 2012; Recorded Books, 2012
10 hours, 1 minute

Daisy Johanssen has always stood out in town. Growing up with her single mother in the resort town of Pemkowet, Michigan, which happens to be the home of the Norse goddess, Hel, it was well-known that Daisy’s father was actually a minor demon. Daisy’s heritage has left her with a small tail, a towering temper, and a demonic birthright that could end the world should she choose to claim it.

Her hometown of Pemkowet is accustomed to the otherworldly and strange. Home to the Norse goddess, Hel, Pemkowet is a safe haven for a number of supernatural creatures–naiads, faeries, biker ghouls, and more. Along with this, Pemkowet also attracts a large number of tourists hoping to spot something supernatural. In order to help keep the peace, Daisy works as Hel’s liaison and also as a file clerk at the police station, a go-between between the human and supernatural worlds.

But when a frat boy turns up drowned in the lake, evidence turns up that his death may not have been accidental, and the murder not completely ordinary. Daisy is teamed up with her long-time crush (and secret werewolf), Officer Cody Fairfax, to investigate the boy’s death. But it’s going to take assistance from a mysterious ghoul, her card-reading mother, her lamia godmother, a cute tour guide with a fake Jamaican accent, her completely human best friend, a seriously awesome dagger named dauda-dagr, and all Daisy’s grit and determination to get to the bottom of this case.

Carey’s Pemkowet is rich with characters from all different mythologies and legends, with a few original twists. Daisy makes an engaging narrator and hero. She’s upbeat, cheerful, and assertive. She’s feels everything very strongly, but is careful to manage her temper.

The audiobook is narrated by Johanna Parker, an Audie award winner who is also known for her work on the Sookie Stackhouse series. Parker is at her best when she is narrating Daisy. Her timing, tone, and voice come across as a perfectly believable twenty-something. At times, Parker’s Southern accent seemed to color character voices, especially minor characters. However, her timing and storytelling work well and she keeps the story moving along at a good pace.

Find the Dark Currents audiobook using WorldCat or find the print book at Saint Paul Public Library

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