Road of Trials: Harry Potter Charging Pad Complete (sort of)

Harry Potter Charging Pad Updates

The charging pad I talked about making from a spare Harry Potter book is done! Sort of.

Last time I talked about this project, I had set everything up, but the transmitter and the receiver had to be directly touching to charge. Once you put a few pages of a book and a case between them, they no longer could connect.

I took a chance and purchased a new universal qi transmitter from Adafruit, which was a bit more expensive than my original transmitter. The new transmitter require a little bit of tweaking. It could connect with the case and the book cover between it, but the hole I had carved out of the book was too deep. So, I carved a second hole that was just the right depth, put a thin layer of modpodge around the edges of everything I had cut out, because it was getting a little loose from all the different spots I had carved out.

I figure out last time that the receiver does not work well with my hard case (it makes it really hard to remove), so I borrowed my sister’s leather case to test it out.

With everything in place, exactly, it charges!

Why only sort of finished?

My end product is extremely finnicky. The iPhone has to be in just the perfect place to charge. Exactly. So, I can’t just throw my phone on the book to charge. Instead, I carefully set it towards the top of the book and nudge it around until if finally makes an alert sound.

I could keep trying to improve this, but I don’t really have a way to figure out the problem. Would a different receiver help? Should I try a wireless case instead? Is there something I can do to spread out the charging area of my book (a quick Google search didn’t bring up any immediate answers)? Would this work better with phones that have wireless charging built in? Is the technology just not quite arrived yet?

I don’t know. And while I’d love for this to work, I don’t know if I want to keep spending money on it. So, I’m putting it on the back burner for now. I’m am going to try using the pad for a week or two, to see how it goes. I’d love to hear any ideas anyone else has!

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2 thoughts on “Road of Trials: Harry Potter Charging Pad Complete (sort of)

  1. This is a super awesome idea! It’s frustrating that it’s so finnicky, and expensive. Especially if you’re spending money on other things that you’re not sure will work. But now I want to try to make one! What will you work on next?

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