This is a small sample of my work at the University of Minnesota Libraries as well as as an MLIS student at St. Catherine University. I have highlighted work in four areas–online tutorial design, training and workflow documentation, web design, and visual design.

Online Tutorials

Google Scholar Training for Student Workers

Helping Patrons Using Google Scholar

I made this tutorial in 2014 for student workers at Wilson Library. While the Libraries already had materials on using Google Scholar for research, we needed something a bit more specific as to how a student might use Google Scholar when working with patrons at a service desk. Note: In 2014, I was less familiar with accessibility, so this tutorial is not captioned. Were I to remake it or update it, I would include captions.

Adventures in Citations: Prototype of Citation Tutorial

Adventures in Citations tutorial

This is a prototype of an online tutorial designed for undergraduate students working with citing sources. I was experimenting with using all free online materials for a tutorial, hence this asset is made in Google Slides using some unusual linking to make it more interactive along with a few embedded screencast videos I made to demo specific skills.

Training and Workflow Documentation

Training Guide for Space Assessment Project

Wilson First Floor Suma Assessment User Guide screenshot

I created this guide for an assessment of a recently renovated space on the first floor of Wilson Library at the University of Minnesota. The assessment relied on non-project team staff using an open-source mobile tool called Suma to count the people on the first floor, including the furniture and technology they were using and the type of activities they were engaged in. We found that there were inconsistencies in the way people were taking counts, so I created this guide with standard definitions and pictures to improve the quality and accuracy of the data collected.

Office Delivery Workflow Diagrams

diagram of steps and decisions for office delivery

One library service we offer is delivery to faculty and staff offices. When we switched the program that we use to check out items, our workflows were altered. We created a temporary workaround, but I was part of a group tasked with comparing the workaround with the unused new method. I created this diagram of the two workflows to help the group better analyze the processes. A red X indicates a place where a staff person makes a judgement call instead of the computer program (a spot for error) while a green + indicates a feature.

Web Design

HTML/CSS Website: Treehouse Books

Screenshot of Treehouse Books Homepage

I designed and coded this small website from scratch using HTML and CSS for my Internet Fundamentals and Design course. The site consists of 8 pages and has basic responsive web design features. The site is not hosted anywhere, so following the link will download a zip file of the website files (open index.html to start).

Library Website Redesign Recommendations: Usability and Accessibility Testing

Screenshot from website redesign recommendations report

This is a selection from a longer redesign report written for a Web Accessibility and Usability class. In this class, we did usability testing and accessibility testing on two library websites, summarized our findings, and recommended updates to improve user experience on the websites. The final report was 70 pages long, so this selection includes the testing summary and redesign recommendations for Hennepin County Library. While not all the work is my own, I did many of the image manipulations in this section (using GIMP and Microsoft Office products), including an improved hours section, an example of breadcrumbs, two sample error pages when no search results are found, and an edited locations page.

Visual Design

Research Poster for Minnesota Library Association Conference

screenshot of How Are They Actually Using It Poster

This poster summarized a space assessment project using an open-source tool (Suma) and was designed for a conference presentation. I took a lead in the design for the poster, including the all data visualizations.